x2VOL White Paper Explains How Schools Can Boost Involvement in Community Service, and Gives Best Practices for Successful School Service Programs

White paper explains how service can help students get accepted into colleges, relays survey results, and explains how Official Service Transcripts are used to send verified service records to colleges

COPPELL, Texas – As community service and service learning becomes more commonplace in high schools, administrators are seeking ways to ease the burden of managing, verifying, and reporting service hours. The hours are a boon to students for their college and scholarship applications, but they can be a headache to manage. The developers of x2VOL—an online platform to manage, track, and verify student service hours—has released a white paper exploring best practices in managing high school service programs and which explains how students can send verified service records to colleges. Click to tweet.

“We published this white paper so that schools would have a single document to define the range of service programs in schools, justify why service is an important part of a well-rounded education, and give a few examples of successful service programs like KIPP Atlanta Collegiate School’s,” said Michele Pitman, founder and CEO of intelliVOL, the developers of x2VOL.

Community service gives students valuable real world experience and charitable organizations access to much needed volunteers. However, schools can be mired down in the paperwork of managing, verifying, and reporting the hours students work. This white paper outlines the benefits to all stakeholders and reports findings from a survey of college admissions officers about the role of community service and volunteer hours on a student’s chances of being accepted into college.

Download the white paper here.

x2VOL is the most widely used program to track, verify, and report community service and service learning hours.  x2VOL is also the sole publisher of the Official Service Transcript™ (OST), which is now available to order along with GPA and SAT/ACT transcripts. The OST is the only official and verifiable service transcript recognized by colleges and universities. Students with individual memberships of x2VOL+ or at schools with the institutional version x2VOL can order their OST at the same time they order their SAT, ACT, or academic transcripts, which will be sent directly to the college(s) they request.

About intelliVOL

x2VOL by intelliVOL is an award-winning tracking and reporting platform for student service hours used by private and public schools and districts nationwide to customize service goals, centralize service hours, and provide diverse service opportunities. x2VOL provides students with an online and mobile way to track and report service hours specific to the goals of their school while engaging them with local non-profits. Service records are authenticated and verified for each student and can be attached to their college applications, scholarship applications, or resumes. x2VOL is the most widely used service tracking and reporting platform in K-12 education with over 25 million approved service hours, generating a $625M economic impact. New in 2018 is x2VOL+ for individuals to track and report their service hours. Learn more at x2VOL.com or email info@intelliVOL.com.


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Summary: x2VOL White paper details how community service helps students get into college, how to manage service hours, and how to use Official Service Transcript to verify hours for applications.

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