Story Opp - STEM Partnership in Oregon Brings Experts to Schools

Virtual Chats or In-person Meetings Through Oregon Connections (Powered by Rapidly Growing Ed-tech, Nepris)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 — Contact our team to interview teachers and professionals who meet and chat with students either in-person or virtually through Oregon Connections. 


The South Metro Salem STEM Partnership serving Salem and Portland was formed to connect schools with STEM professionals who can come to classrooms for in-person chats with students. In addition, through Oregon Connections these meetings happen virtually in interactive web-conferencing giving professionals from all over the country (or world) a way to talk with students while opening their eyes to the possibilities in STEM.

Interactions such as these are critical to filling the STEM job gap and getting students to consider careers in science, technology, engineering and math. Nepris, the technology powering Oregon Connections, is being used around the country to address this critical issue in education.

Teachers in Oregon are available to talk about the impact of these personal interactions (either in-person or virtual) on their students. Teachers also have access to the Nepris library of archived sessions where they can select from thousands of videos where professionals and students talk together and get excited about STEM.

Stories of Impact: How Nepris is Changing Lives Through Fresh Perspective about Possibilities

Nepris arranges for a professional located anywhere in the world to talk with a class full of students and help them understand lessons being taught in class, or about their career path, or to mentor and guide them through projects. Teachers can request any topic and through Nepris, they meet virtually and have an interactive, online chat.
Students in Maureen Foelkl’s third grade class at Chapman Hill Elementary School in Salem, Oregon designed solutions to flooding and erosion with help from professionals linked to their class through Oregon Connections.
Teacher, Dylan McCann, guides his students at Twality Middle School in Tigard, Oregon through a STEM lesson and brings in industry experts to her class virtually using Nepris or for in-class visits using Oregon Connections.
When Dylan McCann (pictured) taught at Molalla Elementary School in Oregon, his fourth and fifth grade students at learned about biomimicry and created inventions with a 3D printer. He does similar activities now that he teaches at Twality Middle School in Tigard, Oregon.
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