ORIGO Education Webinar on edWeb.net Nov. 28 - Developing Fact Fluency with Understanding: Multiplication and Division

ORIGO co-founder James Burnett will present the second webinar in a two-part series

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 – Developing fluency in mathematics takes more than memorizing math facts. Visual models, games and demonstrating relational strategies for solving problems provide a solid foundation for mastering math concepts. ORIGO Education’s president and senior author, James Burnett, will demonstrate easy-to-make visual aids and games that help students in mastering basic math fact strategies for multiplication and division. The free webinar, Developing Fact Fluency with Understanding: Multiplication and Division, will be aired Tuesday, November 28, 2017 from 4-5 p.m. EST on edWeb.net.

The edWebinar is the second in a two-part series presented on edWeb.net. The first, Developing Fact Fluency with Understanding: Addition and Subtraction, aired October 25, 2017. Burnett showed educators simple strategies to reinforce three primary addition facts: Count On, Use Doubles and Make 10, and the subtraction strategy of Think Addition. Part two will address multiplication and division and demonstrate how to introduce strategies using concrete images, reinforce the thinking associated with strategies using games and activities, practice strategies to aid in automatic recall of basic multiplication and division facts, and how to expand strategies to include numbers beyond the number fact range.

“If we give students a strategy, and they forget an answer, then they have a way of recreating it,” says Burnett. “And if students have a thinking strategy, they can use that same strategy to do calculations with greater numbers.”

Sign up here for part two on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 from 4-5 p.m. EST, Developing Fact Fluency with Understanding: Multiplication and Division.

ORIGO Education’s Mathematics for Young Learners is a professional learning community about mathematics hosted on edWeb.net. Educators may join ORIGO’s community to watch previously recorded sessions and receive notifications about upcoming edWebinars. In addition to edWebinars, the Mathematics for Young Learners community offers free videos on ORIGO One, which are animated one-minute videos explaining math concepts. For example, Teaching the Use-Ten Strategy for Multiplication supports the upcoming November 28, 2017 edWebinar.

Educators can earn CE certificates from edWeb for participating in live sessions and can take CE quizzes to earn certificates for watching recordings.

About ORIGO Education
ORIGO Education makes mathematics meaningful, enjoyable, and accessible for all PreK-6 grade students. ORIGO produces printed products, digital interactive resources, and professional learning. ORIGO’s web-based and print solution, Stepping Stones, is an award-winning, comprehensive mathematics program for grades PreK–6 and is available in English and Spanish, ORIGO produces free animated Math Minutes to explain critical concepts in mathematics education. For more information about ORIGO Education, visit ORIGOEducation.com. @ORIGOmath #ORIGO #ORIGOLearns

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Summary:  ORIGO Education sponsors edWeb.net community Mathematics for Young Learners targeted for PreK-6 grade mathematic instructors. Free webinar on November 28, 2017 at 4 p.m. EST titled Developing Fact Fluency with Understanding: Multiplication and Division.

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