ORIGO Education Launches Stepping Stones 2.0 Comprehensive Mathematics Instructional Program for Teaching in Grades K-6

New Program Uses Dynamic Instructional Tools and Exemplar Videos to Promote Best Practices in Math Classrooms

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - ORIGO Education has released Stepping Stones 2.0: Comprehensive Mathematics, an instructional program integrating print and digital technology to give educators a flexible and balanced way to teach math in K-6. It is launching this week at the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) annual conference where educators are gathering to see and share best practices in mathematics education. Click to Tweet

Stepping Stones 2.0 (SS 2.0) has increased instructional focus on the major work of each grade, delivered before spring testing season. It builds conceptual understanding through language and discourse, powerful visual models, and engaging activities that foster student thinking. This approach also supports computational fluency with extendable strategies and meaningful practice. Stepping Stones 2.0 includes many teacher supports including exemplar classroom videos at the point of use (see example here).

A suite of new instructional tools in Stepping Stones 2.0 includes SlateCast. With a finger swipe or click, the teacher can project a resource onto the class whiteboard to emphasize or reteach a concept. This tool, along with other enhancements, helps the teacher flexibly differentiate instruction for their own teaching style or the students’ learning styles.

Stepping Stones 2.0 provides thoughtfully architected, developmentally appropriate resources to help teachers make the most of limited teaching time,” said James Burnett, ORIGO Education co-founder and president. “These materials are evidence-based and focused on student success. Students who develop strong thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills grow into productive, innovative members of society.”

“Much of the feedback we gave during Stepping Stones first edition has been applied in Stepping Stones 2.0,” said Cristina Charney, instructional specialist K-5 math, North Thurston Public Schools in Lacey, Wash. “The level of problem-solving has deepened and the sequencing of major content presented earlier in the school year makes more sense. Teachers and students continue to move forward and grow using the new features in Stepping Stones. ORIGO really listens to and learns from their customers.”

“I have my class on SlateCast playing the game That’s a Fact. They are so engaged. We reviewed all of the strategies for multiplication facts per 9.3 in Stepping Stones and table groups made posters of strategies for each number. Now they are practicing. Next they will play against an opponent,” said Kathy Beach, a teacher in North Thurston Public Schools. “What a great way to practice facts and have everyone on the computer.”

See Stepping Stones 2.0 in the ORIGO Booth 209 or in one of several workshops (see full schedule here) at NCTM this week.

Teachers can learn more about math instruction in the Mathematics for Young Learners community on edWeb.net or sign up for a free webinar about early number concepts on April 26 at http://home.edweb.net/webinar/early-number-concepts/.

About ORIGO Education
ORIGO Education makes mathematics meaningful, enjoyable, and accessible for all students. ORIGO provides printed products, digital interactive resources, and professional learning for educators. The company’s comprehensive mathematics program, Stepping Stones, is an award-winning instructional program for grades Pre-K–6. ORIGO also produces free animated ORIGO 1 one-minute videos to explain critical math concepts beyond the classroom.  For more information about ORIGO Education, visit ORIGOEducation.com. @ORIGOmath


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Summary:  ORIGO Education releases Stepping Stones 2.0, comprehensive mathematics instruction for K-6 with new problem solving practice, SlateCast, point-of-use PD for teachers to master delivery. Students develop content mastery early in the year.


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